Secret Aging Men began in 2003 as a "fun with spontaneous instrumental jam-fusion music" project for guitarist, Rick Meyer. In 2000, after finishing a 10 year run as owner/operator of a major recording studio in Atlanta, he just wanted to get some friends together to join his project and just play music which focused on completely "instant" creativity.

The first CD, "Formations", released in 2004, had some lovely and creative tracks on it, and the musical project began to bear fruit . . . but was still not improvisational enough for where the project was intended to head. 2006 saw the release of "Fully Functional", and offered "live in the studio" jams on all cuts except for two, and was many steps closer towards the SAM project's intent. In 2008 "Night Mowing" was released, and again all but two cuts were absolutely "live in the studio" jams . . . but this time the audio qualities of the recordings were much fuller and richer than the first two endeavors.

Each CD has shown a progression of material quality and sound quality, and in 2012 SAM released their first CD in 4 years, "modal overdrive". Staying true to the original path of spontaneous creativity, "modal overdrive" exhibits the pinnacle of spontaneous musical creativity for the Secret Aging Men project. The entire 48 minute CD, divided into 7 distinct tracks, are all superior jams and were recorded live-on-the-fly direct to Alesis HD-24, through a 32 channel Soundcraft Ghost, in the secret SAM studio. "modal overdrive" was engineered and produced by Sal Caltabiano, who played drums on two of the previous projects, "Fully Functional" and "Night Mowing". The lineup for the "modal overdrive CD" has Martin Abbott on the drums, Dana McCarthy on bass, Ed Mcadory on keyboards, and Rick Meyer on guitar and synth-guitar. SAM urges everyone interested in great, ultra-creative, musical spontenaity, to get "modal overderive". Note: Secret Aging Men is a totally independent project and has no label affiliations. All CD's are available at CD Baby. The instrumental selections on this site are from "modal overdrive". To hear free audio previews from the previous three CD's please click on the CD and listen at CD Baby.

In other SAM news: Sam Hall, former SAM bassist, has returned to the group and will be playing electric acoustic guitar. A new CD for 2014 is in the works, and SAM has been performing live at several venues in the Greater Atlanta area. Some live videos and more information can be found on the SAM Facebook page. Bassist Dana McCarthy is sponsored by Warwick Music Equipment and uses Warwick bass guitars, amplifiers, and speaker cabinets.

Please contact us through this site, or via Facebook if interested in having Secret Aging Men perform live in your area.

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Fusion Instrumental Music by Secret Aging Men: About Secret Aging Men
Creative instrumentals from this four piece independent group, whose newest CD is entitled Modal Overdrivel and is full of moody electric jazz rock fusion music